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Skin aging is a normal process of the body over time. What we women want most is to slow down the process and maintain the freshness and youth in our skin. Cosmetic companies are particularly concerned with the issue of "anti-aging" as they know very well that the radiance and youthful appearance of the skin concerns all women. Various formulas promise miracles such as eliminating wrinkles and restoring 100% elasticity. What we are interested in is whether all these claims correspond to reality and whether we negatively affect our health in our effort to keep our skin young and fresh!

We can say that anti-aging skin is not a myth since there are products that have the property of delaying the aging of the skin and protecting it from external factors that speed up the process. Even poor nutrition and reduced water consumption play a role and help break down the skin. If you are a fan of natural products, it is time to learn that nature has everything we need for anti-aging skin. Women used to know this very well and were much more concerned with natural products than we are today. Below you will find some useful recipes to get your hands on the situation. Creams, masks and oils for anti-aging skin at your disposal! Prepare them easily, quickly, economically and without burdening your health.

For the face:

Oils for anti-aging skin

1) Wheat oil

2) Oil argan

3) Sesame oil

4) Coconut oil and vitamin E.

5) Castor oil

6) Avocado oil

7) Achilles oil

8) Cinnamon oil

9) Hazelnut oil

Creams for anti-aging skin

1) With mango butter

2) With cocoa butter

3) With brown butter

Masks for anti-aging skin

1) With banana

2) With cocoa and espresso

3) With Greek coffee

- Neck mask

-Facial peeling& body

- Anti-aging cream