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Seasonal allergies: 7 signs that they are more serious than you think

Εποχικές αλλεργίες : 7 σημάδια ότι είναι πιο σοβαρές απ’ ό,τι νομίζετε
When the temperature rises and the air is filled with pollen, the nose starts to run, the eyes water and you feel pressure on the cheekbones, around the eyes and behind the nose.

Many people attribute the symptoms to allergies, and may be due to more serious conditions. If antiallergic medications do not relieve the symptoms, you should ask your doctor to reassess the condition.

See the signs to look out for:


1) Clear fluid from one nostril

If you notice a runny nose from only one nostril and the fluid is clear, especially if you tilt your head forward, it may be Cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhea.
This is a condition that indicates that there is open communication between the brain and the nasal cavity. It is potentially life threatening as germs can enter the cerebral cavity and cause meningitis. with disastrous consequences.


2) Cheek pain and green mucous secretions

If you have pain in the cheeks and especially in one side of the face or in the area under the eyes in combination with green mucous secretions, it is you may have an infection. The pain may also be reflected in the forehead.

3) You have recently started a new drug

Some drugs cause symptoms that mimic allergies. Such are some heart medications, such as beta blockers, that can cause severe nasal congestion. Some contraceptives, but also pregnancy, can also cause nasal symptoms.


4) Loss of smell and taste

Nasal congestion due to allergies usually does not lead to loss of taste and smell. When one observes loss of these senses, one is likely to have nasal polyps. In some cases, polyps require surgical removal. Nasal congestion can also be due to crooked diaphragm, which causes the person to breathe through the mouth. This causes discomfort, dry, stuffy or even completely stuffy nose, snoring and frequent inflammations, such as rhinitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, otitis. 

5) Pain or pressure on the face

Cheek pain and colored mucous secretions from the nose can be sinusitis symptom, ie inflammation of the sinuses manifested by a viral, bacterial or fungal infection. When the orifices of the sinuses become blocked or a lot of mucus accumulates, bacteria and other germs can grow more easily.


6) Chronic rashes

Many people have chronic skin rashes, believed to be due to allergies. Rash that lasts more than 6 weeks is most often not due to external factors, such as allergies, but to a problem with the thyroid or immune system.


7) Headaches

Allergies can cause headaches due to pressure in the nasal cavities. However, a headache that manifests suddenly or is so intense that it wakes you up or causes nausea, use an urgent investigation. It may be due to a tumor, a stroke or an aneurysm.